Want to know more about us? Standing tall and strong like our namesake, Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions has grown into a global digital marketing agency representing hotels in the UK, Europe and South Africa. From roots which originally seeded in the Stellenbosch Valley, Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions now offers a full range of hospitality-centric marketing services. We are skilled at raising hotel profiles, improving our customer’s online presence and in creating digital promotional campaigns which show measurable returns on investment. In essence Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions is about helping hotels to perform better, drawing from our international experience in hospitality marketing, as well as our regional expertise.


Our foundation is one of integrity – we are determined to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. For us, living with integrity includes delivering on all our commitments, performing in a way and within parameters as communicated to all concerned and being fair and honest in all our dealings.


We are committed to pursuing excellence. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and to approach every challenge with a willpower to succeed. We believe that excellence is a mindset and an attitude, and should thus be reflected in all we do.


We continually grow and refine our investment process to incorporate developments in the market, and new and more efficient ways to express our investment views. At the same time, developing and growing our people is key to achieving excellence. We have a passion to explore new opportunities with our clients and grow in our partnerships.


We build strong, open and honest relationships with all our stakeholders, including our clients, service providers and within the Providence family. The outcome of real relationships is mutual trust and respect within which authentic conversations can thrive.


We value and respect our own personal families as well as the extended Quivertree family. We prioritise creating an environment where work and family are not in conflict as we are passionate to see personal relationships flourish. We believe this contributes very positively to a productive and rewarding work experience.

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The quivertree, otherwise known as the giant of the aloes, was chosen as the symbol and namesake of our marketing agency because of its status as an indigenous and proudly South African icon. This tall succulent plant, which is known for its ability to grow and thrive in arid environments, was once used by the hunter-gather San people of Southern Africa to make quivers for their arrows.

Having not only survived but grown and expanded during COVID-19 conditions, Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions has proven its resilience during harsh conditions. Our team of highly experienced marketeers have assisted dozens of hotels and guest houses, operating in a variety of different markets, to bring their businesses back to profitability through the implementation of focused and cost effective digital marketing strategies.

Our quiver of hospitality-centric digital marketing services include web development, graphic design, social media management, content creation, Ad word campaign management, system and distribution management, search engine optimisation and public relations management.

Allow Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions to provide your company with a full quiver of marketing skillsets. Eliminate shooting in the dark and let us help you to hit your desired target market with accuracy and precision.



Liam Alexander

Head of Online and Digital

Data Analytics and PM
System Optimisation
Distribution Optimisation

Liam Alexander - Head Of Online & Digital
Pieter Els - Webmaster & SEO
Eswan Els - Front End Developer
Xandri Herbst - Social Manager
Kristyn Taylor Digital Marketing Manager
Courteney rademaker Graphic Designer
Aaliyah Umer Marketing Coordinator

Liam Alexander

Head of Online and Digital

Data Analytics and PM
System Optimisation
Distribution Optimisation


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