Are you wondering why your views are staying low? Making viral reels is all about strategy. Here are some top tips to boost your next reel’s engagement.

1. Short Reels

Keep your reels short. The Instagram algorithm rewards you the longer that people watch your videos. Most viral reels are between five and 20 seconds long. Also remember to post consistently – at least three reels per week.

2. Short Captions

Stick to short captions as viewers are not likely to click “more”. You don’t want the caption to take away from the video, you rather want the viewer to engage with the reel. Remember to keep your reel simple and don’t fill it with too much information or text. It should be easy and enjoyable to watch.

3. Use Music

Use music that is trending but that has less than 10 000 views. The sooner you use a trending sound, the higher the chances are of your reel taking off. Also watch out for trending reel formats. You can keep up to date about reel trends by checking out the reels tab on Instagram and also the explore page. Additionally, you can see what is trending on TikTok and recreate that on Instagram, but make sure you remove the TikTok watermark.

4. Attention-grabbing Hooks

Make use of an attention-grabbing hook in the first four seconds of your reel to spark viewers’ interest. Examples are: “Don’t make this mistake …”, and “This is a reminder to …”

5. Search Trending Topics

Search trending topics in your niche and use this to educate your audience. You can find these trending topics by opening the Instagram app, tapping on the search icon, typing in the key phrase from your niche list in the search area and then tap Tags. Remember to give viewers information they can’t find anywhere else. This will lead to people saving your videos and the algorithm will reward you.

6. Add Hashtags

Add hashtags to increase your reel’s reach. This will also help the Instagram algorithm to better understand what your content is about. Use your hashtags like keywords so that when people search for relevant topics, your reel pops up.

7. Share Your Reel to Your Stories

Lastly, share your reel to your stories so that your followers know you have a new reel. Many Instagram users prefer to watch stories rather than scrolling through their feed. This tip will ensure that your followers engage with your reel and don’t miss your content.


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