Wireframes designed to entice

Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions was recently commissioned by a client to build a high-fidelity wireframe for a museum in Venice. This was our first Italian commission and an interesting project, as the museum was quite small in size. This meant that our graphic design department needed to strike a balance between educating visitors about the artifacts found in the museum, enticing them to visit the museum while also holding back enough information to ensure that visitors would not have seen and learnt everything about the museum before they stepped through its doors.

After a phase of research the Graphic Designer heading up the project for Quivertree Digital Hospitality Solutions- Courteney Rademaker – came up with an intuitive and simple wireframe design. This featured information about the museum, an exhibit section, contact details and a map.

In her high-fidelity wireframe Courteney cleverly incorporated a detailed map of the museum. Here all of the different displays and artifacts in the museum were labelled to educate the website visitors about what was on offer to see when visiting the Palazzo Museum. In the Exhibit section of the website Courteney included text descriptions which she illustrated with close up shots of displays that did not reveal the entire artifact. In this manner Courteney piqued curiosity with the user.

Courteney also incorporates bright red headers and green footers in the wireframe design, mimicking the formation and colours of the Italian flag in a modern way which contrasts strikingly with the historic palazzo imagery. Watermarks of the museum’s logo – which was derived from the Palazzo’s front door knocker depicting a lion’s face – were also used throughout the site.

With the wireframe design phase now complete, Quivertree Digital Hospitality Management’s website development team is currently building the museum’s website.         


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